Self-assessment of your Computer Vision/Machine Learning/Autonomous Systems knowledge

Εκ μέρους του καθηγ. κ. Ι. Πήτα σας ενημερώνουμε για το παρακάτω:

Dear Computer Vision and Machine Learning enthusiasts,

you can now self-assess your:

  1. a) current Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Autonomous Systems knowledge
  2. b) your background  suitability of for related studies

by spending little time (few minutes per topic) to fill the related questionnaires in:

You may want to repeat the exercise, before/after studying suitable e-coursework, e.g., the one in:

The questionnaire list is attached and will be expanded soon to cover more topics.

Sincerely yours

Prof. I. Pitas

Director of the Artificial Intelligence and Information analysis Lab (AIIA


Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Self-assessment topics

Background knowledge (programming/maths)

Computer vision

Introduction in computer vision

Image acquisition, camera geometry

Stereo and Multiview imaging

Structure from motion

Localization and mapping

Object tracking and 3D localization

Machine Learning

Introduction to Machine Learning

Introduction to neural networks, Perceptron,

Multilayer perceptron. Backpropagation

Deep neural networks. Convolutional NNs

Deep learning for object detection

Autonomous Systems

Introduction to autonomous systems

Introduction to multiple drone imaging

Drone mission planning and control

CVML algorithms and programming

CVML programming tools

Fast convolution algorithms

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