Student Services

Anyone studying at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki may request the assistance of special university services in order to solve various problems they may face during their studies. They can also become themselves volunteers by offering their services to other colleagues or fellow students in need. 

Social Policy and Health Committee 

The Social Policy and Health Committee (SPHC) aims to create conditions that will make the University an accessible area to all members of the university community, by giving priority to space (and therefore knowledge) accessibility to disabled persons.

For this reason, qualified members of the teaching staff can train students with visual impairment to use electronic equipment linked with Braille printers installed in some of the University libraries. Also the SPHC, to its best, tries to ensure the granting of books with voice output to these students.

The SPHC also provides a bus for disabled persons, in order to facilitate their movement in campus for classes and exams during the academic year. In this context the University has created a Program for the Promotion of Self-Help, which is basically run by a team of volunteers, the majority of whom are students. Email:

Many years ago the Social Policy and Health Committee established the institution of Voluntary Blood Donation, which also led to the creation of a Blood Bank in AHEPA hospital. Since May 2007, a second Blood Bank was founded too, in the School of Physical Education in Serres with the collaboration of the Social Policy and Health Committee and the General Hospital of Serres. Voluntary blood donation takes place twice a year during the months of November and April, at the Ceremony Hall of Aristotle University. The immediate target is to cover all needs for blood through voluntary blood donation, which currently covers 40% of total needs. Volunteering for blood donation, which is a safe and without complications procedure, is open to every person above 18 years of age, who does not have special health problems.

Phone number/Fax: 2310 995386, 2310 995360 

Observatory for the Academic Progress of Students belonging to Vulnerable Social Groups

The role οf this Observatory is to assist:

  • students with disabilities,
  • foreign students,
  • minority students, foreign students of Greek descent or repatriate students,
  • as well as any other category of students who face problems hindering their studies.

The above mentioned students can inform directly the Observatory – and also inform the Student Advisor of the School of Informatics, Prof. Eleftherios Angelis – of any serious problem that they might face in the course of their studies, which arise either because of their disability or because of cultural or language or health problems.

Phone number/Fax: 2310 995360 

Counseling and Psychological Support Committee

The Counseling and Psychological Support Committee aims to the better organization and function of the university structures that offer psychological assistance and counseling to AUTh students.

The services provided by the University Center for Counseling and Psychological Support are offered to students and university staff alike.

The Committee works closely with other related Committees and organizes dialogue workshops with students, as well as with the administrative and other staff of the university community.s

Among the future aims of KE.ΣΥ.ΨΥ is the operation of a campus hotline, in order to provide immediate assistance to people in crisis and to those facing personal difficulties that could feel safer to talk about their problems in anonymity and in absence of visual contact.

KE.ΣΥ.ΨΥ is located on the ground floor of the Lower University Student Club, in the Sanitary Service Section, offices 5 & 8.

Phone number: 2310 992643 και 2310992621 
Fax: 2310 992607 και 210992621  

Volunteer Committee

The Volunteer Committee has as its main goal to promote to the members of the university community of AUTh the idea of volunteering as a contemporary social demand.

With this aim, the Volunteer Committee having also as its motivation the improvement of the daily life of everyone working in Aristotle University – students and teaching and administrative staff – in areas such as student affairs, environmental issues and social aid, encourages all members of the university community to take initiative by submitting ideas and suggestions.

To this end, some Networks of Volunteers in Schools and Faculties have already been created, consisting of a faculty member and a student, in order to develop a body of volunteers in each School / Faculty of AUTh.

Phone number: 2310 996713 kai 2310 996708 
Fax: 2310 996729