Research Fields

Software and Interactive Technologies Lab (SWITCH)

TheSoftware and Interactive Technologies Lab (SWITCH) serves the educational and research needs relating to the development of multimedia applications (such as software and multimedia interfaces and multimedia communication).

Networks and Communication Systems Laboratory (netcom)

The Networks and Communication Systems Laboratory serves educational and research needs related to Communication Networks, Network Security, Wireless and Mobile Networks, Optical Networks, Optical Communications, Nanonetworks and Distributed Systems.

Artificial Intelligence Information Analysis Laboratory (aiia)

The Artificial Intelligence and Information Analysis serves education and research needs related to: Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, Expert Systems, Fuzzy Logic, Graphics, Virtual Reality, Digital Signal Processing and Analysis, Digital Image Analysis and Synthesis and Video Processing, Processing and Analysis of Voice and Speech, Processing and Analysis of Medical Image and Signal.

Data and Web Science Lab

Data and Web Science Lab ( at the Department of Informatics of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, has extensive highly ranked expertise in the areas of massive data management, data mining and knowledge discovery, graph management and mining, anomalies detection in data networks, evolving communities and social media analytics, and distributed and massively parallel systems. Datalab’s strong capacity to support data science, infometrics, sentiment and opinion analytics, theoretical foundation, sensor networks, smart cities data engines, multimedia databases and bioinformatics covers a wide spectrum from theory to applied research and to innovation. Datalab’s mission is to advance state of the art cutting edge research, to contribute in high quality research and innovation actions and to inspire researchers entrepreneurship and disruptive innovation. Datalab has extensive experience in research and innovation actions projects, has strong links with a widely established International collaborations network and actively supports transfer of knowledge to industry and to the public.

Intelligent Systems Laboratory

The Intelligent Systems Laboratory was founded in 1990, back then as Logic Programming and Intelligent Systems group, and is part of the Knowledge, Data and Web Engineering Department of the School of Informatics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The lab’s research interests span a wide area of Artificial Intelligence, including Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Planning, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Logic Programming and the Semantic Web. The lab is an active node of the Hellenic Society for Artificial Intelligence, and has been involved in the organization of many international and national conferences while it has organized the 2nd Hellenic Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Thessaloniki in 2002, the 2nd International Summer School on AI Planning in Halkidiki in 2002, and the 9th Hellenic Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Thessaloniki in 2016.

Statistics, Applied Mathematics and Electronic Physics Laboratory (samep)

The Statistics, Applied Mathematics and Electronic Physics Laboratory serves the educational and research needs relating to statistics and information systems, operational research, microelectronics and physical electronics, computer architecture, applied mathematical analysis, information theory-theory of cryptography, optimization, linear algebra.