Course Streams

All students follow a common compulsory curriculum up to the 5th semester of their studies.

Course streams consist of well-defined sets of courses each dealing with one or a combination of scientific fields related to cutting-edge technology of computer science.

Course streams allow students to be specialized and orient students with the option of choosing courses offered in the 6th to 8th semesters.

At least one (1) course stream from the following offered in the Department has to be completed to obtain the degree.

Courses streams offered are:
A. Artificial Intelligence
B. Data and Web Management
C. Software Engineering
D. Learning Technologies
E. Scientific Computing
F. Communication Networks and Systems Security
G. Computer and Communication Systems
H. Digital Media – Computational Intelligence
I. Robotics – Autonomous Systems

For the students who are in semesters 7 to 8 during the 2019-20 academic year and for near-to-graduate students the transitional provisions of the above decision are applied.