Invitation to join the Workshop ‘Deep Learning & Computer Vision for autonomous systems: drones in infrastructure inspection’, AUTH, Greece, 21-22 February 2020

Dear Autonomous Systems engineers, scientists, and enthusiasts,

you are welcomed to register to the Workshop ‘Deep Learning & Computer Vision for autonomous systems: drones in infrastructure inspection’:

It will take place on 21-22/02/2020 at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), Thessaloniki, Greece, in the framework of H2020 R&D project Aerial-Core:

For registration and questions, please contact: Ioanna Koroni,

It is organized by Prof. I. Pitas,  IEEE and EURASIP fellow, Coordinator of the European Horizon2020 R&D project Multidrone, Director of the Artificial Intelligence and Information analysis Lab (AIIA Lab), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, Chair of the IEEE SPS Autonomous Systems Initiative.  Lectures will be delivered by very competent Postdoc/PhD/MSc researchers, with long experience on drone imaging.

Indicative lecture list

First day

  1. Introduction to drones
  2. Introduction to H2020 Aerial Core R&D project
  3. Introduction to H2020 Multidrone R&D project
  4. Multiple drone system architecture and communications
  5. Deep neural networks – CNNs
  6. Object Detection
  7. Object Tracking
  8. Object Pose estimation

Second day

  1. Simultaneous Localization and Mapping
  2. Imaging for Drone Safety
  3. Drone Mission Simulations
  4. Privacy protection, Ethics and regulatory issues, De-identification
  5. Parallel GPU Programming-Cuda
  6. Recurrent Neural Networks. Applications in object tracking
  7. Deep Reinforcement Learning
  8. Autonomous Car Vision
  9. Highway infrastructure inspection


1) electrical installation inspection

2) highway infrastructure inspection

3) media production.

Thessaloniki is a very pleasant city, very close to world-class resorts in Chalkidiki peninsula. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is the biggest University in Greece and in SE Europe. It is highly ranked internationally: 153/182 internationally in Computer Science/Engineering  (USNews 2019). Its campus is at the city center. The workshop coincides with the start of the Greek carnival season, with many events around the city.

Relevant links:

  1. H2020 R&D project Aerial-Core:
  2. H2020 R&D project Multidrone:
  3. AIIA Lab:

Sincerely yours

Prof. I. Pitas

PhD, Director of the Artificial Intelligence and Information Analysis Lab, AUTH, Greece

IEEE fellow and Distinguished Lecturer