Distinction of faculty members of the Department of Informatics in International Research

International research based on the number of publications in the most important journals of the Systems and Software Engineering area, published as the article “Wong, W.E., Tse, T.H., Glass, R.L., Basili, V.R.,Chen, T.Y., An assessment of systems and software engineering scholars and institutions (2003–2007 and 2004–2008), The Journal of Systems and Software (Elsevier), pp. 162-168, Volume 84, Issue 1, January 2011” ranks researchers from the Department of Informatics and the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in the list of the 15 top scholars and institutions in the area.

Specifically, the associate professor I. Stamelos is ranked 12th for the period 2001-2005 and 11th for the period 2002-2006. Associate professor L. Angelis is ranked 4th for the period 2004-2008. Also, the Aristotle University is ranked 13th for the period 2001-2005, 7th for the period 2002-2006 and 11th for the period 2003-2007.