Distinction at the contest apps4thessaloniki

The Informatics Department of the Aristotle University has been awarded with 3 out of 9 prizes in the contest “apps4Thessaloniki”. More info is published at:

The prizes were as follows:

  • 3rd place: Vithess offers the opportunity for companies to define polygons on the Thessaloniki’s map, inside of which they can “drop” their messages. When the users are close to that spot, the company’s message will be displayed to the users’ device. (team: Georgia Latsiou Phd Student, Stefanos Kapiris Master graduate in Informatics, supervision: prof. Athina Vakali)
  • 5th place: CarMate. Open platform which facilitates the moving of citizens with common destination. Drivers are rewarded with points which can be redeemed at the affiliated stores, passengers gain time and experience car-sharing! (team : Vaios Kolofotias Phd Student, Stella Ioannidou master graduate in “Informatics and Management”, supervision: prof. Ioannis Stamelos)
  • 9th place: Points of Interest. Extensible application that enables citizens and visitors of the city to search for places and points of interest (such as public spaces, museums, companies, etc) on an interactive map. (team : Apostolos Kritikos Phd Student, OpenThessaloniki team)