Research Fields

Multimedia Laboratory (mlab)

The Multimedia Laboratory serves the educational and research needs relating to the development of multimedia applications (such as software and multimedia interfaces and multimedia communication).

Computer Architecture & Communications Laboratory (caclab)

The Computer Architecture & Communications Laboratory, serves educational and research needs related to: data processing and transmission systems (such as computer hardware and digital systems, advanced computer architectures, distributed systems, conventional and advanced systems' communication technologies, computer systems modeling, simulation and performance evaluation.

Artificial Intelligence Information Analysis Laboratory (aiia)

The Artificial Intelligence and Information Analysis serves education and research needs related to: Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, Expert Systems, Fuzzy Logic, Graphics, Virtual Reality, Digital Signal Processing and Analysis, Digital Image Analysis and Synthesis and Video Processing, Processing and Analysis of Voice and Speech, Processing and Analysis of Medical Image and Signal.

Data Engineering Laboratory (delab)

Delab conducts research in the areas of databases, data mining and sensor networks. The research is focused, but not limited to, on web mining, spatial and temporal databases, music databases, information retrieval, wireless sensor networks(indexing, caching, broadcasting, routing scheduling) and streaming data.

Programming languages & Software Engineering Lab (plase)

The Programming languages & Software Engineering Lab, serves educational and research needs in the following fields: Intelligent Systems and Knowledge Processing, Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery, Software Engineering, Operating Systems and Statistics and Operations Research.